Mango Juice Recipe | Mango Ginger Juice Recipe | Summer Special

Mango Juice Recipe | Mango Ginger Juice Recipe | Summer Special

Mango juice recipe with step by step photos. This is the first mango recipe on my blog. Mangoes are the seasonal delicious fruit which is abundantly available during summer in the fruit shops, supermarkets and even at the roadside shops. We can make the variety of foods using raw mangoes, ripe mangoes and even from the unmatured mangoes. Today I am going to show the mango juice recipe with fresh and ripe mangoes. In this juice, I have added ginger & honey to enhance the flavor of the mango juice.

mambalam juice recipe - mango ginger honey juice recipe

I loved the perfect color combination of the mango juice and the background of my tulips flowers bouquet so that my camera didn’t stop clicking at all.

mango ginger juice recipe - mambalam juice

Let’s learn how to make the fresh mango juice recipe at home. Hope you like this recipe and please share your comments below.

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Mango Juice Recipe | Mango Ginger Honey Juice Recipe

mango juice recipe - maambalam juice indian

Cuisine: International |  Category: Beverages / Fresh Juice
Prep Time: 5 mins   |  Cook time: 5 mins |  Serves: 5 to 6 | Author: Nilashini


Fresh Ripe Mangoes – 3
Water – 3 to 4 cups
Honey – 3 to 4 tbsp (adjust the sweet level)
Ginger / Inji – 1/2 tsp chopped
Ice Cubes – as needed

How to prepare mango juice with step by step images

mango juice recipe with step by step photos

1. Take 3 ripe sweet mangoes or else required mangoes. Do not use sour mangoes.

Fresh Ripe Mangoes

2. Peel the skin off, cut into small pieces and remove the seeds.

mango juice recipe with ginger & honey

3. Take a blender & add chopped mangoes.

how to make mango juice recipe

4. Add ice cubes as needed

how to prepare mango juice recipe with step by step photos

5. Add 1/2 tsp of chopped ginger

step by step preparation of mango ginger juice recipe

6. Blend to a smooth juice along with the 3 cups of water.

fresh mango juice recipe

7. Filter the juice using a sieve

mango ginger honey juice recipe preparation

8. Add 3 to 4tbsp of honey (adjust the sweet level)  and mix well.

fresh mango honey juice recipe

9. Add more ice cubes & water if required.

fresh and delicious mango juice recipe

10. Yummy & delicious refreshing mango juice is ready now. Serve in the glasses and enjoy. You can add chopped mango pieces into the juice and have it.

mango juice recipe - mambazham juice

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